Our CEO Frank Heidemann with the closed loop Sensor Fusion HiL solution of the ADAS iiT cooperation on the NIWeek 2017.

Keynote: Innovations in Automotive – Sensor Fusion with ADAS iiT on NIWeek 2017

There is a video available for everyone who like to watch the keynote of Frank Heidemann from SET GmbH, Wangen and Michael Konrad from Konrad Technologies, Radolfzell (again). Check on the official NI YouTube Channel.


About ADAS iiT

The four companies Konrad Technologies GmbH, SET GmbH, S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH, measX GmbH & Co. KG form a collaboration – ADAS iiT-Innovation In Test – leveraging their expertise in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), sensor fusion, Hardware in the Loop (HiL), V2X communication, GNSS simulation and data management to provide a one stop solution for fully autonomous vehicles.

With the ADAS iiT collaboration, the four technological innovative companies offer a unique approach for ADAS testing, joining their knowledge and skills to develop highly scalable future-proof ADAS test solutions based on the standardized National Instruments (NI) platforms.

The ADAS iiT group is the first to present cost-optimized consolidated ADAS test solutions for virtual test drive combining; sensor fusion, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) testing system, V2X communication, GNSS simulation and integrated data management systems. This unique NI platform based concept will help bring autonomous vehicles to the market safer and faster than expected.

For more information about ADAS iiT read the complete article on pressebox.de.


Further information

Further information about ADAS iiT – Innovation in Test can be found also on our ADAS-iiT-Website.