Electronic systems manufacturing

Whether it is about procurement of components, mounting of boards and assemblies, or testing the quality of a finished product and packing it – we are happy to take over the manufacturing of your electronic units. Using the latest process standards such as vapour phase soldering, serial numbers and traceability, we manufacture single- & double-sided flex, rigid-flex and multi-layer boards up to 340 x 265 mm. Provide us with the material or let us take care of procurement using certified suppliers – it is your choice.

Of course we are happy to assist you if you need advice on certain orders and if necessary carry out urgent orders. Please notice that we only use lead-free materials in our production and respect RoHS standards.

Mounting of SMD – fully automatic, semi automatic or manually

Up to a component size of 0201, we mount single- or double-sided SMD boards fully automatic or semi-automatic. We use components such as BGAs, QFRs, Fine Pitch as well as power and high-performance packages.

SMD Mounting

We use vapour for soldering

We use a vapour phase soldering unit for soldering PCBs. When vapour phase soldering, uniform temperature distribution on the board provides the best soldering result – even when processing energy-intensive components such as power semiconductors or large inductors. During the soldering process using vapour phase technology, PCBs and components are subjected to very low levels of stress which guarantees an optimal and long lasting result.

vapor phase soldering

THT and mechanical assembly

Our team of qualified and trained staff enables us to flexibly carry out manual THT assembly and mechanical assembly of components.

Mechanical components such as heat sinks, shielding plates or front covers can be mounted, or components inserted, depending on customers’ requests.

Mounting of THT Components

Component testing

Every PCB that we produce is checked visually in accordance with IPC-A-610-E. Of course we can also conduct tests in accordance with your customer’s specifications.

Component Testing


All the products we produce receive a serial number. Therefore we can trace mounted components and check manufacturing parameters or individual test results such as the final test result for individual components. Furthermore, our processes are EN9100:2009 certified.This qualifies us to supply the aviation and space industry as well as the defence industry.