The sbRIO / SOM Design Center

As National Instruments’ Embedded Specialty Partner, we are experts in developing customized products on sbRIO and SOM basis. We offer support in all the different aspects of development.
Furthermore we support you throughout the whole process, implementing your idea: from the concept to the finalised and tested product.


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Concept and Early Stage Design

No matter whether you only have a vague idea or a clear target for your project: Benefit from our vast experience and finished ready-made solutions when designing your sbRIO system. We have gained experience from many successful sbRIO projects and we will support you to develop a convincing and cost-effective system which fulfils your needs and expectations.

Concept and Early Stage Design 1. Puzzle piece

Bus Systems – linked intelligently

From a monitor’s broadband Ethernet connection via real-time control system with CAN, to security relevant infrastructure using FlexRay bus systems – we have linked sbRIO systems successfully and performant. Using network expertise and the latest tools, we develop the sbRIO platform to meet your desired interface.

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High Performance Analog IO

When processing analog signals, precision and speed are crucial. The first step towards success is a profound conceptional design for signal conditioning and digital processing. The steps that follow include accurate and professional implementation of the complete signal chain – starting with schematic and simulation, finishing with an optimised layout. One simple mistake or lack of concentration often reduces analog signal quality significantly. Benefit from our conceptional experience and practical knowledge in implementing precise analog circuits.

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High Speed Discrete IO

Increasingly digital I/Os reach velocities in which effects such as crosstalk, distortion and reflexion become highly noticeable. Our experience in realising high speed discrete I/Os makes us the perfect partner to implement reliable high speed digital systems.

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Schematic Development

A schematic doesn’t come from nowhere and has to do more than just fulfil requirements. Only a good schematic guarantees functions at all tolerances and ambient conditions in order to work and offer the best solution based on cost, performance and robustness. Our hardware developers use their experience to understand your needs and implement the best solution.

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Single Board RIO & SOM – the embedded platform

As National Instruments Alliance Partner with Embedded Speciality, we are certified experts in handling sbRIO and SOM modules. We draw our knowledge from experience and solutions gained through a multitude of sbRIO implementations in various environments.
Our expertise from integrating sbRIO modules helps you to implement your project faster, more cost-efficient and successfully.

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Layout Development

Good layout and experience go hand in hand. The most diverse conditions and effects must be considered, offsets, lengths and positions must be defined, and ground concepts must be implemented in order to achieve the optimal layout. Rely on our layout expert’s experience and on their latest tool environment and contact us!

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Mechanical Design

From air tight housings for the aviation industry, to attractive show devices or functional series produced housings: Contact us and we will design your housing in 3D. After completing the design phase, we will also carry out every step required up to the finished product.

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Software Development

The difference between a “patched together” LabVIEW application and a structured solution is not only represented in the block diagram. In order to receive the title National Instruments Alliance Partner we had to prove repeatedly that we master every LabVIEW in detail. Our certified developers (CLAD, CLD and CLA) for LabVIEW, LabVIEW Realtime and LabVIEW FPGA gained experience from many successful major projects. Furthermore, we also offer LabVIEW training courses on-site or in our company, taught by certified LabVIEW architects.

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A one-stop service: Our certified and flexible production turns your sbRIO into a premium product. Whether it is about assembling circuit boards and whole devices, or testing the quality of a finished product: We are able to produce your sbRIO to the latest process standards such as serial numbers, traceability, vapour phase technology and functional tests.

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Test and Documentation

We provide customer-focused processes, a reliable quality management system and excellent qualities in documentation and verification management, as our TÜV Süd certification in accordance with EN 9100 shows. On request, we provide traceability, test processes and CoC or CE documentation for your product.

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