Our products

During development of our products, focus is strongly placed on the reusability of the basic modules and sub-systems in other as well as in future solutions. In order to achieve this, during development we strictly orientate ourselves towards standards. These are, for example, bus systems, data exchange protocols, standards and industry-specific test specifications.

We have been Alliance Partner of National Instruments (NI) for 15 years. End of 2016, we received National Instruments’ “Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Specialty” and “Embedded Specialty” awards. In February 2018 we were also honored as “NI Alliance Partner of the Year 2018 for Central Europe” for outstanding achievement as a partner company.

In addition, we work together with National Instruments as well as Freescale on a privileged level for many years. This enables us to work with proven, globally-used technologies. The resulting measuring modules, devices and systems are the basis for the solutions we provide. These solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing customer systems.

Our customers come from the aviation, semiconductor, automotive and industry sectors. These well-known companies have already successfully used our products for various development tasks, in system testing, and in end-of-line tests for many years very.