Semiconductor test systems

For complete monitoring of the devices under test

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Temperature chamber

Power electronics is deployed everywhere around us – from cars to wind power plants, from solar parks to e-bikes – therefore it is more important than ever to specify power semiconductor devices and also explicitly test their reliability. Our systems pay off twice – They do not only offer a high number of DUT per system, they also provide high-resolution data for the process of analysis and therefore reduce TCoT while simultaneously reducing test time. Join us for a more detailed look.

There are different procedures for qualification, which are geared towards different sections and material properties of the semiconductors. For testing your devices, we offer the following standardised test systems:

  • HTRB – High Temperature Reverse Bias
  • H3TRB – High Humidity / High Temperature Reverse Bias
  • HTOL – High Temperature Operating Life
  • IOL – Intermittent Operating Life
  • Power Cycling

Our long-standing experience, close contact to our customers, cooperation with universities and being a member of the European Center for Power Electronics e.V. (ECPE) help us to make sure that our semiconductor systems meet current demands and co-develop the latest technologies.