HTOL test systems

Low TCOT at high quality and throughput

Our IOL & Power-Cycling systems increase measurement quality & throughput while simultaneously reducing the Total Cost of Test (TCoT) of an open platform. We focus on complete monitoring and precise temperature control for each device under test.

System’s specific features

  • Complete logging of all devices under test during the complete test phase
  • Exact temperature control of each test object on its semiconductor structure
  • RF load of the samples possible
  • High throughput for each system
  • Fully automated test procedure
  • Automated test continuation according to characterization
  • Freely programmable test system based on National Instruments’ COTS platform
  • No test interruptions due to defective DUTs
  • Integrated safety system

Technical Data

Devices under test (DUT‘S) per system (fully monitored)


DUT supply voltage (VDD)

1 V – 5.5 V

VDD output current per DUT

10 mA

VDD remote sense

VDD and supply current monitoring

VDD adjustable and switchable by software

DUT IO voltage (VIO)

1.2 V – 3.6 V

VIO output current per DUT

10 mA

VIO remote sense

VIO adjustable and switchable by software

DUT stimulation


DUT stimulation voltage level


DUT stimulation – output


DUT stimulation – bidirectional


Single DUT junction temperature control

Adjustable test temperature

50 °C – 175 °C

Power dissipation per DUT

500 mW

Ramp up time (25 °C to 175 °C)

< 20 min

Ramp down time (175 °C to 50 °C)

< 30 min

DUT temperature control surface

30 mm x 30 mm

External DUT temperature sensor


External DUT temperature sensor – connection


External DUT temperature sensor – excitation current

0.9 mA

External DUT temperature sensor – Resistance

0 Ω – 400 Ω

Internal DUT temperature measurement


Internal DUT temperature measurement – connection


Internal DUT temperature measurement – excitation current

1 µA – 5 µA

Internal DUT temperature measurement – voltage

0 V – 600 mV

RF testing system


600 MHz – 2200 MHz

DUT RF power

10 W